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Places in Holland that you must see, travel tips, and beautiful photography by Dutch travel photographer Henk van Kampen.

Holland Travel Guide

Welcome to the Holland Travel Guide, the site to visit if you plan a trip to Holland (or the Netherlands, as its proper name is).

Whether you are a seasoned Holland-traveler or you are just thinking about your first trip, the Holland Travel Guide is the place to go. Check our practical visitor information, read our tips on places in Holland that you must visit, or just browse through our beautiful photos of Holland.

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About the author

Henk van Kampen is a Dutch travel author and photographer. He lives with his Visayan wife and their son in the province Utrecht in Holland, and has a second home in the province Leyte in the Visayas region in the Philippines.

When he is not writing or travelling Henk likes hiking, genealogy, art and literature.

You can reach Henk on google+ or twitter.

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