Amerongen Castle

Amerongen Castle

Amerongen Castle, Entrance

Entrance to the castle

Amerongen Castle

The castle

The castle of Amerongen looks more like a manor house than a castle. The original castle, a real castle, was destroyed in 1672, during one of the many wars at the time. It was soon rebuilt, but since then it is basically a manor house with a moat. But it is still known as Kasteel Amerongen, Amerongen Castle.

The castle was home to some illustrious people, but by far the most illustrious was Wilhelm II, the last emperor of Germany. When he fled his country, he was a guest at Amerongen castle for two years. It was here that he signed his abdication. Afterwards he settled at Doorn Manor, where he lived until his death.

Amerongen Castle, Dining room

Dining room

The castle is open to the public, though not daily. Check the official website of Amerongen Castle (in Dutch) for details. Part of the gardens are freely accessible, but for another part you need to pay. The castle is best reached by car, but there is a nearby bus stop on the line Utrecht-Wageningen.



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