War cemetery Overveen

War cemetery Overveen

Erebegraafplaats Bloemendaal/Overveen

Cemetery of Honour

Erebegraafplaats Bloemendaal/Overveen

In the dunes in the national park Zuid-Kennemerland, near the towns Bloemendaal en Overveen, is a small cemetery: The Erebegraafplaats (Cemetery of Honour) Bloemendaal/Overveen.

A Dutch Cemetery of Honour is for people – military and civilian – who gave their lives for their country. In this particular cemetery are only civilians: 372 men and one woman. All of them were active in the resistance movement during the second world war.

During the war, Holland was occupied by Nazi-Germany. People who actively opposed the nazis risked execution by firing squad. Many were executed in the dunes, their bodies left behind or buried at the spot. Several monuments in the dunes still denote the locations. After the war the bodies were found again, and reburied at a newly created Cemetery of Honour.

Some of the heroes buried here are now well-known in Holland: Hannie Schaft (the only woman buried here), Johannes Post, Gerrit van der Veen and Walraven van Hall, for example.

The cemetery is open to the public from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (6:00 pm in summer). No admission fee. The cemetery can be reached by bus. Or rent a bicycle and tour the beautiful national park as well. Address: Zeeweg 26, Overveen. More information on their website.



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